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A new op-ed has just landed about New Power. Where do I put the content?!

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Post + Community Page

  1. Add a blog post to be featured on the Community page.
  2. Link the post to the Community page
    • Use the filter to select your post. You can type the name in to make it easier to find, and filter by post type.

How important is this press?

If the news outlet or author is very important (i.e. David Brooks, NYT, Richard Branson) consider posting it to the homepage, or adding a quote to the endorsements page.


  1. Under the “Quotes” tab, click “add new”. Make sure to fill out all the content.
    • Here is an example
  2. There are two places these endorsements live:
    1. The endorsements page. Please add the quote here!
      • If it is more important than David Brooks, you can select the new endorsement as the “Marquee” post to highlight it. Make sure you add David Brooks to the list of other endorsements.
      • If not, add your endorsement into the list with the others. You can drag and drop to create the order.
    2. Endorsements are also on the landing pages. Please add the new quote in there as well. You can find these pages, by searching “landing page” here.


There are only room for two news pieces on the homepage. This is top priority press, and are reserved for extra exciting mentions!

  1. Edit the homepage and add the information under the “New power is in the news” section. See an example here.
Promotional header, preferably two lines. Subheader

Description text.

Promotional header

Description text.