Landing Pages

I am looking for a landing page to use.
I am creating a new landing page, and have already looked at the templates.
I am confused about the back end of the landing page template.
I am looking for a country code.


Before directly editing these pages, please note, while these are templates they are actively being used for campaigns. We also are attempting to simplify the site and keep the number of landing pages low. Please consider using one of these pages before creating a new one.

  1. Amazon Button
  2. Amazon Button + link to other U.S. sellers
    • Use when want to drive sales, but think the audience might resist Amazon
    • Edit/Duplicate View
  3. Upworthy Activist language, Amazon Button + link to other U.S. sellers
  4. Amazon + link to all countries
    • Use when we want to drive sales but know there will be non-US audiences
    • Edit/Duplicate View
  5. Multi-bookseller Button, Country Code in URL + link to all countries
    • Use when we politically need to show all options to buy in a country
    • Edit/Duplicate View
  6. Resist Tote language, Multi-bookseller Button, Country Code in URL + link to all countries
  7. Multi-bookseller Button w/ all countries
    • Use when we have little knowledge of our audience, and want to provide all options
    • Edit/Duplicate View

How to add/edit a landing page

  1. Choose a landing page above that most closely matches what you are looking for. In the right hand navigation, select “Duplicate Page”
  2. Update the title. If you are keeping the same title, remove the word “copy” from the end.
  3. Update the page description. This is important to keep the landing pages organized, and help you find it in the future on the back end of WordPress.
  4. Would you like to show or hide the navigation? Use this box to control this feature
  5. Add all body copy into the text area
  6. You have multiple options for what type of button you’d like to use on the landing pages:
    1. Would you like the multi-bookseller button? This provides a dropdown of countries to choose from, and multiple booksellers per country.
      1. Select the “Use bookseller-select button” box.
      2. Please then ignore the following order button fields.
      3. Note: The country codes may be used to override the country dropdown, and populate only multiple booksellers when you are targeting a specific group of people.
    2. Would you like a plain text button- where you can write your own copy?
      1. Make sure the “Use bookseller-select button” is not selected.
      2. Fill out your button text, and hyperlink, in the “Order button label” and “Order button link” fields.
      3. Note: This is typically used with the Amazon Button, feauting a link to Amazon and the price of the book, ex. “$16.77 from Amazon”.
  7. Would you like a secondary CTA? This field supports HTML.
    1. Example of this being used here
    2. Please refrain from using this unless necessary to the user experience you desire for the page. Adding too many links can be distracting from the over goal of driving sales.
  8. Does your CTA label have an Amazon price? If so, then make sure the “price as of date” field is filled out, and up to date.
  9. Would you like the quotes to be customized? If so, select this field. If not, they will populate in alphabetical chronological order.
    1. Note: if you do not customize the order, David Brook’s quote will be at the very bottom, as it was the most recent added to the site
    2. If you are duplicate a post, the list of custom quotes has already been created for you in order of importance.
    3. To adjust the order: hover over a post on the table, and a crosshair replaces your mouse. From here you are able to drag the posts into the order you desire.
  10. Country Codes

    The standard “buy now” button functions to have a drop down where a user can select a country. To by-pass this drop down, and have the button directly link to a pre-filtered list of a specific country’s booksellers, add the following code to a URL:

    • ?cn=USA
    • ?cn=UK
    • ?cn=Australia
    • ?cn=Canada
    • ?cn=Netherlands


Promotional header, preferably two lines. Subheader

Description text.

Promotional header

Description text.