"Self-made billionaire Richard Branson has a new favorite business book"

CNBC, Kathleen Elkins

Self-made billionaire Richard Branson has another book to add to his long list of “must-reads”: “New Power,” by Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms.

In it, the authors discuss a shift from “old power,” which they define as being “held by few” and “closed, inaccessible and leader-driven,” to “new power,” which is “made by many” and “open, participatory and peer-driven.”

The power shift is one that Branson, who started his first business half a century ago, has witnessed and one he thinks has the potential to do good.

The book is particularly helpful, says Branson, because the authors explain how to build and successfully channel new power: “It’s a useful lens to use when thinking about how business has changed, how to spread ideas or start a movement, or create change.”

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